Bright Eyes- Are You Ready For Some Football?

Conor Oberst is a big fan of football so he decided to sing his favorite song about it.

Starring, Written, Directed, and Edited by Matthew Starr
Also Starring Kevin Hines
Filmed by Ian Stroud

Sasheer is now on SNL! It’s real!  

Here she is with current SNL cast member John Milhiser. They are the future. Watch them both destroy on stage just like they’ll destroy live on Saturday nights.

That Loving Feeling
The Prom

Sasheer Dragonball Zamata
John Dial M for Milhiser
Amber Nelson like Nelson from the Simpsons
And Steve Runteldat Soroka

Written by Matthew it’s weird to give yourself a nickname Starr

New video! Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) on House of Cards is just old, mean Ferris Bueller. Check it out!

New Video for the new year! Also new Sherlock! Also new Doctor Who!

Next on the BBC
Starring Ilana Glazer (Broad City) and Matthew Starr
Written by Matthew Starr
Directed by Ryan Hunter


I made this because I love all of you.

The Spirit of Adventure Presents:

The Ocean

Starring: Matt Dennie, Josh Sharp, Hunter Nelson, and Brady O’Callahan
Filmed by: Ian Stroud
Edited by: Hunter Nelson

The Spirit of Adventure Presents:

Bottle for Help

Starring Allie Kokesh and Clara Morris.


The Spirit of Adventure: The Beach House presents:

Dip Excuse

Starring: Joel Weidl, Hunter Nelson, Josh Sharp, Matt Dennie, Brady O’Callahan, Ian Stroud, Allie Kokesh, and Clara Morris
Directed and Edited by Matthew Starr

The Spirit of Adventure: The Beach House Presents:
Slo-Mo Lifeguard

Starring: Clara Morris and Allie Kokesh
Filmed by: Matt Dennie